FAST HEALTHY EXOTIC DISHES… That’s my moto! Welcome to my blog 


My name is Behnoush (AKA Princess Saffron) and I am a cuisine enthusiast and food writer. Having said that, I’m not one for slaving in the kitchen for hours, as like most people I simply can afford neither the time nor the effort… Life is just too short! So to make the most of it, I make my dishes fast as well as healthy.

My style of cooking is international, but with a Persian perspective (I am Persian after all!), meaning that I tend to keep the flavours balanced in my recipes and create harmonious dishes to sooth the soul. And it has to be made quickly! (with the exception of the odd treats on holidays and special occasions of course).

Like many people, I have found comfort and joy over and over in making and sharing food with others, so this is the reason behind the creation of this blog: to share my love of good food with everyone and to create harmony among people. So here I share with you the food from my very own small family kitchen.

Before coming up with my own recipes, I learnt cooking from testing other people’s recipes and cookbooks, especially those of some amazing chefs such as Jamie Oliver, Heston Blumenthal, Rick Stein, Anna Olson and many others. So every now and then, I would also put the recipes to the test and then publish the results for those interested to give it a go.

I hope you enjoy my posts. Let’s get cooking!